Is Your Content Shareable? Consider These Six Tips

CreatingATitle-1Nearly 81 percent of the marketers polled by the branding website Klick said that interactive content is what they use when trying to grab more attention. There is no denying just how powerful interactive content like quizzes, polls and surveys are.

When used the right way, interactive content will engage and entice a prospective customer to find out more about your brand. Are you trying to make your interactive content more shareworthy? If so, consider the following tips for success.

  1. Craft an Irresistible Title

The first thing a person will notice about your interactive content is the title. If you fail to get creative with this title, chances are you will have a hard time getting people to click the link. The team at Business2Community found that titles like “Which (blank) are you?” are the most popular.

Furthermore, interactive content with titles that feature the worlds “which”, “are” and “you” receive almost three times more views. Crafting engaging titles will require a bit of trial and error but the work you invest will more than pay off in the long run.

  1. Focus on Adding Immediate Value

Providing value to your target audience is also a must when trying to get your interactive content shared. Personalized content like calculators and quizzes supply users with immediate and personalized value. By addressing the problems your audience is dealing with and offering up a solution, you should have no problem increasing the shares your interactive content gets.

  1. Your Interactive Content Has To Be Entertaining

Did you realize that the average human attention span is around eight seconds? Since consumers have such a short attention span, providing them with instantly entertaining interactive content is a must.

Doing things like including more images and GIFS is a great way to make your content fun and more entertaining for the user. Not only will these images and GIFS increase the entertainment value of your interactive content, it will make it more aesthetically appealing as well.

  1. Use Positive Messages on Result Pages

No one wants to share results that put them in a negative light. This is why you need to make the result pages for your interactive content uplifting and fun. Studies show that result pages that contain the words “awesome”, “great” and “excellent” get nearly three times more Twitter shares.

  1. Address Users with Personal Pronouns

Providing your audience with a personalized experience should be one of your main goals when producing interactive content. Consumers love content that speaks to them on a personal level.

This is why using words like “you”, “me” and “I” in your interactive content is imperative. The team at Business2Community found that quizzes that contain 30 personal pronouns or more received six times more views than quizzes with less than 30 personal pronouns.

  1. Make Sharing and Embedding Easy

Providing consumers with an easy share and embed option is also important. If users of your interactive content have to look too long for share and embed options, they will typically give up and move on to the next thing.

Using social sharing options across networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is paramount to the success of this content. Embed sharing options will make it much easier for users to share their results on web pages, which is why they are a must.

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