Case Studies – Insticator Widget Engagement

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The Insticator widget is extremely versatile! Our partners have been creatively using the platform to increase engagement on their websites. Besides simply adding the widget into the landing page or article pages, the widget can be used in many ways that often foster the community and participation of the publisher’s audience. Here are two great examples of how the Insticator widget was used by our partners in a unique way, which resulted in a remarkable increase in engagement.

Host a Real-time Contest using the Insticator Widget

BBallBreakdown ( used the Insticator widget to host a real-time trivia contest for their community, which led to a dramatic increase in engagement for them! They created a specific set of questions based on their website’s content for their community to answer and offered an incentive to the winner by using the leaderboard feature of the widget. BBallBreakdown also used social media channels like Twitter and Facebook to promote this trivia contest, which was also cross-promoted by Insticator’s social media channels. They also posted a video in order to inform the audience of the contest and to promote it within the community.

Because of this contest, BBallBreakdown saw a massive increase of over 400% in engagement (shown in the image below) with the widget from the same day of the previous week.

Mixpanel Analytics Tracking 10/07/15-10/22/15 Mixpanel Analytics Tracking 10/07/15-10/22/15

Create a Stand-Alone Quiz Page

WWFOldSchool ( has a stand-alone page on their website for the Insticator widget, which is featured in the site’s header.

As a result of the widget being featured on a stand alone page, WWFOldSchool saw a spike in engagement, as shown below, which also corresponded to an increase in revenue. After creating a stand-alone page for the Insticator widget, the revenue generated for WWFOldSchool more than tripled, also shown below.

According to the publisher, the time spent on the page has more than doubled. The publisher states, “using the Insticator widget has directly increased the average amount of time someone spends on our page. Before implementation, the average time someone spent on the page was 40-50 seconds. Now, the average user answers around 10 questions and spends anywhere from 1 minute 20 seconds to 2 minutes 30 seconds. I’ve even seen users spend as much as 3 minutes and 35 seconds on the page.”

In addition to the increase in the time spent on the page, the audience’s engagement through social media channels has also grown. “The number of shares has gone up tremendously: from 600 to 6,700! Our audience is much more engaged on social media because of the widget,” describes the publisher of WWF Old School.

By using the Insticator widget on a separate page, WWFOldSchool is able to escalate the engagement of their community, both on their page and through social media channels and thus, add value to their site.

Google Analytics for WWFOldSchool for 09/20/15-09/28/15 Google Analytics for WWFOldSchool for 09/20/15-09/28/15 Insticator Dashboard for WWFOldSchool 09/20/15-09/28/15 Insticator Dashboard for WWFOldSchool 09/20/15-09/28/15

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